Austin Chief of Police, Art Acevedo

ACCESS News, EPISODE 104: Chief of Police, Art Acevedo
Original Air date: October 16, 2011

Austin Chief of Police, Art Acevedo informative guest on ACCESS News

Tamara Suiter-Ocuto interviews Art Acevedo, the Chief of the Austin Police Department. Do you trust government? Do you trust the police? Is there accountability and transparency within the Austin Police Department. Should the “thin blue line” get thinner or stronger? What should you do when you’re stopped by the police? What should you do if you’re stopped by the police and you’re deaf?

Best City Official as voted by the Austin Chronicle 2011 Readers Poll: Police Chief Art Acevedo

Have we ever had a police chief as popular as Art Acevedo? Handsome and eloquent, approachable and easygoing, “Ace” is not just a friend to the average Austin citizen; he also displays serious yet highly entertaining skills as an auctioneer for organizations like Zach Theatre and the Austin Children’s Shelter, in addition to exhibiting his red-hot dancing skills at the Center for Child Protection’s Dancing With the Stars Austin event. He tried to leave us once, but we would have none of that and kept him right here where he belongs. With his smarts and charisma, he can write his own ticket.

715 E. Eighth, 974-5000
Learn more about the Chief of Police and the Austin Police Department here:
View video of Art Acevedo here:

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